We have over 20 years experience with PLC programming and SCADA systems for industrial use. From managing complete factories, to individual machinery we always aim to create an real experience for both the owners and the operators. Focused on ease of usability, we design from the ground up to suit your individual needs and to bring our experience to create products that have a fast Return on Investment, Minimal Training for New Operators and advanced features for the management team.

Specialising in the advanced field of PLC and SCADA control systems, we can bring our experience to help companies manage, invest, upgrade or replace their current controls. This brings many advantages for owners and managers, some of which are not so obvious. The can include;

  1. Reduce maintenance cost with the latest technologies
  2. Improve efficiency of production flows with advanced control systems
  3. Reduce operator training by bringing advanced user-friendly SCADA systems
  4. Improve management of your complete process with data gathering of all your key processes
  5. Produce useful real-time reports on the performance from a machine level to a factory level, allowing you to better identify areas that need attention
  6. Create real-time problem alerts to have a faster response time and less down time of machinery

Our SCADA systems can reinvent the word usability, bringing not only better interfaces where operators can easily monitor the status of machinery to identifying and dealing with problems and alarms that occur. All this with minimal training required for new operators, even if they have little or no experience with the machinery they are controlling.

How do we do this ? In two ways;

  1. Very meaningful graphical interfaces which can be rotated
  2. An powerful help system which can provide the information required for the operators when they need it. This is fully editable by the clients so that can update and maintain these help systems independent of our support services.

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Cultural Bridging

One of the biggest reasons for failure of a company to successfully penetrate a new country's market or to effectively find reliable and trustworthy suppliers from a foreign company is the breakdown in cultural understanding between the two companies. It is an often an overlooked aspect when the excitement of talking to new partners gains traction at the top management level.

Expats - Are you looking for a job ?

Are you an expat living in South East Asia ? Or do you want to move here ? Are you looking for part-time or contract work ? Or are you retired and looking to help the next generation of engineers and managers ? Then send today to us your resume, contact details and a brief description of what you would like to do !

JV and License Agreements

Having a working relationship between companies from different countries and cultures is always a challenge. Do you set up a joint venture or create a license agreement ? Here are some guidelines from our expats that have had experience in this field.